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So after my first two weeks of uni my brain feels like it might explode and I have done so much reading I feel I may need glasses before the end.  It struck me that it would be a good idea to have a journal to share my thoughts about reading and uni and life so I started setting one up only to find that I had one already...  Sigh I suck sometimes.  I slapped my forehead so hard it's still tingly and red.

I have two essays due in two weeks.  I should admit at this point that I haven't written an essay since high school some fifteen years ago and I am freaking out.  I wasn't that great at writing essays back then so I'm hoping I can pull my shit together and work this out.

The first is a literary research essay... I read the questions I could choose from then I read them again then I blinked and read them again!  So I'm spending the next week going over all my lecture notes and reading the pieces again and then I'll look at the questions again and pick the one that doesn't make me want to cry.

The second is an analytical essay looking at ethics in writing.  I'm actually okay with this one so all I need to do is make sure my understanding of the analytical essay is correct :D

So all in all I'm doing alright.  The workload is challenging but not undoable and overall I feel good about what I'm doing.

One key factor to remember:  I am completing a Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Publishing Major) and that is all I've ever wanted to do my whole life.


Oh my god I want a cigarette 


Master List & Writing Goals 2012

I plan to do a LOT of writing over the next year and I am the most disorganized person in the world so I think I'm going to need this.

Total Wordcount 2012


Drabbles/Flash Fiction:

Untitled Flash  |  

To Do List: 

500themes :- Prompt list here : I'll post links to the fics under a cut
allyear_sprints  February Wrimo - 50000 words

500 Themes:prompts

Because I tend to flail in the wind when I don't know what to write I'm going to go for one of these - I might never finish it but at least I'll always have something to write < ^ . ^ >

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Untitled Flash

This piece of flash fiction just popped into my mind so I free wrote it out as it came...


And it comes closer.  Still my eyes can’t quite communicate to my mind the enormity of what it is they see.  In the sky it is there as though it has always been there but I know it's wrong.  It should not be there.  Not in my sky so blue and clear and perfect after weeks, months of cloudy grey downpour.

Years of school runs through my mind.  They break up in the atmosphere, mainly crash into the ocean… mathematical equations and textbook sound-bites run through my mind so fast I can’t catch them.  All I can see is that glowing orb in the sky; not the sun, the sun is in the peripheral.

One thought centres and encapsulates my everything, my very being.  I am no longer myself I am this thought, this moment. 

Was I worth it?


(c) Sandra Taylor

In the Woods : Random Thoughts

Spoiler Alert!!
If you haven't read In the Woods by Tana French yet then go read it and come back!

I have a love-hate relationship with this book; mainly love but part of me wants to reach through the book and Throttle Tana French for creating such a compelling character and mystery only to leave me hating him and almost glad he didn't find his answers.  But that said at the same time - I wanted those answers!

The characters of Rob, Cassie, Sam and O'Kelly were so three dimensional, so interesting and amusing in their own ways and floored in ways that were obvious and not to obvious.  I liked the fact that I had to read between the lines to fully grasp these people and was grinning like a loon when I was right about a certain psychopath then I just wanted to scream at him for not working it out!  For not believing Cassie - She was his partner and best friend for years forget the almost sexual!tension - I wanted to slug him!  Slap him upside the head! Ahhhh!

Then I'm left paying along with him for his screwed up mistake.  Then there was his offhanded asking me to not judge him too harshly, after all I fell for it too.  No I didn't you prick!  

See?  Love-hate...  But the idea of the unreliable narrator is so damn interesting and I can't remember the last time I got so riled by a book.  I laughed, I cried, I wanted to kick Rob in the bollocks, that meeting with the older sister and the victim's twin was so bloody freaky I wanted to rip that poor little girl away from them both. 
There has been a certain amount of trepidation and uncertainty surrounding this American adaptation of Stieg Larsson's thrilling and disturbing crime novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I myself half expected it to be set in New York. But I, and I hope others, were surprised and excited to see that director - David Fincher and Screenwriter - Steven Zaillian kept the Swedish locations and the Swedish feel throughout the film.

As book adaptations go this was a pretty damn good one. Zaillian managed to capture most of the important plot points and themes and the small changes made were obviously made to illustrate the points and moments not so easily portrayed on screen and to make the story fit into an watch-able film time slot.

Daniel Craig was perfect portraying Mikael Blomkvist as was Rooney Mara in her role of Lisbeth Salanda. A special note should also be given for Stellan Skarsgård playing Martin Vanger.

Violence of the Film Truly disturbing

Graphic physical and sexual violence

On the whole as movies go these days The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo had a comparably small number of violent scenes. That said, the man sitting behind me leaned over my shoulder as the final credits rolled and murmured that it had been the most violent film he had ever seen. At first this seemed odd but on further thought I realized that I felt the same way.

Though the number of violent scenes are few the intensity, suspense and raw emotion in each is what makes this film so disturbing. Most outstanding were the scenes of sexual abuse and violence towards Lisbeth from her so-called guardian, Nils Bjurman, and Lisbeth's impressive and horrific vengeance, showing her to be one very dangerous young woman.

The book was originally going to be titled, "Men who Hate Women" - And though it's not nearly as catchy as "The girl with the Dragon Tattoo", it does give fair warning to what this movie and the book were actually about. It is a disturbing theme that is rife through the whole of the story.

Burn Bright : My Thoughts

I picked up Burn Bright on a whim - Saw it.  Saw the cover. Knew the author. Yeah alright I'll take a shot.  And I'm glad I did - Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres was something else - Very different to anything I'd read in a long time.

This book reminded me of those old English legends, particularly Beowulf. The island of Ixion lures teens with promises of pleasure and fun but the feel is that they are being sacrificed for a higher purpose which is not yet defined. And funnily enough, and this might be the Brisbanite in me, but it seemed to have a strong hint of Schoolies Week.

In Burn Bright, Miss de Pierres explores many themes that affect teens and adults alike and a few that I personally don't think are addressed enough. Primarily the effects that over protection, harsh strictness, and isolation has on children. I also picked up threads (and I could be misjudging or reading too much between the lines here) of sexual abuse in the home and parents who would rather look the other way while their child is abused than take action and, most probably, change the status-quo...

Retra is not the usual character one would follow through an adventure like this. She is socially awkward, shy, quiet and very naive but through her eyes we get the view of a world we can only imagine and watching her grow and learn about friendship, love, and the dangers, pros and cons of , sex and drugs is very eye-opening and makes this tale all the more involving.